Growing lithops can be somewhat intimidating, but I assure you they are fun and easy to grow. Once you figure out their growth cycle you will have it made. These rock-like plants are native to Africa, found in the desert and arid landscapes. They blend into the rocks with brown and grey tones, looking like little thumbs sticking out of the ground. I am not an expert on lithops, but I have grown a few and so I wanted to share what I have learned.

Tips for Growing Lithops:

  • Pot your lithop in pumice or some sort of rocky soil. I use a pumice or lava rock cactus mix.
  • Only water your lithop when it starts to look a little squishy. That might be every 3 to 6 months. Just read the signs. Overwatering is the kiss of death so be very careful.
  • When your lithop is splitting and putting out new leaves, halt all watering until old leaves have withered away. If you water while the lithop is splitting it will stop shedding and start storing water which will lead to overwatering.
Overwatered Lithop
Overwatered lithop
  • Only mature lithops flower. Flowering is a sign that it is getting ready to put out new leaves. Water once while flowering and then withhold all water until the old leaves are shed.

There are a bunch of different types of living stones or Mesembs. Some are easier to find then others, but if you come across one I encourage you to give growing lithops. They don’t do much, but when they start growing they are super interesting to watch.

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