If you are ever in the market for a beautiful trailing succulent, look no more. You might remember this succulent from my Outdoor Planter Series when I first planted this lovely succulent.

Mezoo Trailing Red Plantlet
Mezoo Trailing Red “Mesbicla” May 14, 2019

Mezoo Trailing Red “Mesbicla” is my favorite trailing succulent and here is why:

  • Super easy to grow
  • Grows rapidly
  • Flowers when grown outdoors
  • Beautiful variegated leaves
  • Easy to propagate
  • Attract pollinators

This succulent is perfect for hanging baskets, tall outdoor pots and indoor arrangements.

Mezoo Trailing Red Mesbicla
Mezoo Trailing Red “Mesbicla” September 10, 2019

MEZOO Trailing Succulent Indoors:

If growing indoors or propagating for overwintering, you should use a cactus or succulent mix. Water the soil when it is dry and place in a warm sunny window. Keep in mind that when growing this cultivar indoors, it won’t flower and tends to get a little leggy, but still makes for a great indoor succulent.

MEZOO Propagation:

To propagate MEZOO, simply cut off a 3 to 4 inch cutting. Remove the lower leaves and place in succulent soil. Keep soil a little moist at first until established. You can use a rooting hormone, but it is not necessary.

To learn more about this plant and its plant cousins check out this post exploring how plant cultivars get their name as well as the origins of MEZOO Trailing Red.