Begonia propagation is so easy and so fun! With a few simple cuts, you can create as many clones of your favorite begonia as you would like.

Begonia Water Propagation:

Begonia water propagation is the easiest, but probably the slower way to propagate your begonias. Simply take a cutting of a leaf with a nice long stem and plop it in some water. You can repot it when you have roots or just leave it in the water and watch new leaves sprout up from under the water.

Begonia Soil Propagations:

There are a couple ways to take your begonia leaf cuttings. One way is to cut around the petiole of the leaf. Take the cutting and put the cut end in some soil amended with some perlite. Mist the top of the soil and keep it moist, as begonias love extra humidity.

The second way to do leaf cuttings is to cut around the petiole again, but this time cut the leaf into smaller cuttings by cutting down the leaf in between if vein “Y”. See video for detailed instructions.

Place the cuttings with the cut end down into your soil amended with perlite. Spray the top and keep moist while the leaves propagate.

I did these propagations outdoors during the summer with heat and humidity. If propagating indoors, it might take a little longer, but you should still be able to have great success. If you want to speed things up indoors, get a heat mat and run a humidifier. As propagation goes, begonias are as easy as succulents!

For more propagation videos click here!!