Nothing brightens a room more than stunning blooms. Whether you are growing a flower garden outdoor or supplying your home with beautiful cut blooms.  From butterfly gardens to cut flower gardens to bountiful perennial bulbs.  We live for spring and summer blooms.  Let’s explore the sometimes fickle, but always lovely flower.

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Simple Mason Bee House

It is finally time to get back out in our gardens. So, today I am working on building a simple mason bee house that will welcome those lovely pollinators to my yard. Here is what you need: Hollow bamboo 6″-9″…


5 Pollinator Garden Perennials

Fall is here and winter is around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare your pollinator garden perennials for next spring. A butterfly or pollinator garden is a great way to bring all sorts of fun critters…


Canna Lily: Keep Yours Blooming All Season

A Canna makes a perfect “thriller” for your outdoor planters. However, there are a few thing you should know about keeping them blooming and growing all season long. First, when a Canna is done blooming the leftover petals can be…