Alocasia polly 'African Mask'

The Alocasia has quickly become my new favorite plant. I love the site of a new leaf and the way it unfurls on top of their long, skinny stems. They are modern and clean in appearance with bright and bold foliage making them a great statement piece in any home.

The most common variety, called Alocasia ‘Polly’, can be found at any garden center big or small. As such, this species is not as fussy as some of the others in the genus and makes for the perfect gateway aroid. In fact, ‘Polly’ was my very first Alocasia. As my ‘Polly’ matured, I became more interested in the genus and began to research all the wonderful species and cultivars available. As a result, I found a beautiful world of plants that offer unique colors and textures as well as a variety of sizes and shapes.

Although these plants prefer high humidity, I find that they adjust to home conditions quite well. These plants like moist soil, however, I tend to keep my Alocasia on the dry side. You won’t want to let it dry out completely because that could send your plant into dormancy. Bright indirect light is best, but don’t subject your plant to direct sunlight as is might scorch the leaves.

Alocasia Wish List

If you’re like me and love yourself some Alocasia, then you need to get yourself over to Instagram and check out the amazing collection of plants waiting to be discovered. As most of us know, Instagram is a great place for plant discovery and for us planty people you will be coveting collections in no time.

As a connoisseur of plants, I have curated a collection of beautiful pics representing some of most sought after Alocasia. Here you can identify your favorites, discover new species and create your own #Alocasia wish list. WARNING: Plant envy awaits!

These beauties are just the tip of the iceberg and only touch on Alocasia that make for great houseplants. There is a world of gigantic elephant ears just waiting to be planted in your garden.

Which one is your favorite? If I missed a species that should be on the list, let me know and I will gladly add it. Also, if you want check out these great plant-loving Instagram accounts shown above, check out the links below:

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