There are many benefits to raising houseplants.  Benefits such as mental health, fresh air, homed decor and the list goes on.  However, raising mother nature does not come easy and not all houseplants are right for YOUR house.  Here we discuss how to choose the right plant for your home, how to nurture that plant and what to do if it falls out of love with you.


Plant Diary: Rare Plant Tour

Recently I was able to get my hands on some lovely rare plants and thought it would be fun to share my new finds. Sometimes I find it interesting what is considered a “rare plant”. It is a hot ticket…

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Plant Rescue: Calathea musaica

I couldn’t belive my eyes when I saw this unfortunate Calathea musaica on the clearance shelf. I had always wanted one of these plants for my collection, but have always hesitated because they can be expensive. The beautiful grid patterned…