I have been in search for the right kind of moss pole to help tame my wonderful Monstera deliciosa. I wasn’t having any luck locally and I didn’t want to press my luck online so I decided to make my own moss pole. I have never made a moss pole before and decided to wing it. Other than the crazy mess and raw hands, this DIY moss pole turned out alright. Here is what you need:

  • PVC pipe or some sort of pole/stick
  • Fishing line or rope
  • Sphagnum moss

First, soak your sphagnum moss in water for about 15 to 20 minutes. Start by tying your string around your pole near your starting point. Make sure and leave an area at the end clear of moss for when you place it down in your pot. When the moss is good and moist, wring out a small piece and wrap it around your pole, squeezing it together around the pole. Take your string and wrap it around the moss securing it tightly to your pole.

Keep wrapping moss and securing it your pole with your string all the way up until you reach the top. If your pot already has a plant in it, find a spot where you are less likely to cause root damage and dig out a small spot for your pole. Gently place your pole down in the pot. You might need to add some top soil to secure the pole and keep it from tipping over. Make sure that your pole is secure in the soil before walking away. You don’t want any mishaps that might damage your plant.

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