All plants come with their own problems. Bird’s Nest Fern is now different. In fact, this plant comes with its own unique set of challenges. Below you will find some troubleshooting tips on how to care for this lovely plant.

Problem: My Bird’s Nest Fern has drooping leaves.

Solution: You might not be watering enough.  Make sure and water when the top inch of soil is dry.  The Bird’s Nest can handle drier soil but wait too long and the leaves will fall.  Water thoroughly until you see water running out of the bottom.  Your leaves should shape up in no time.

Problem: I water regularly, but the leaves are still drooping.

Solution:  Your fern might be pot-bound and no longer able to take up the water it needs.  Check your roots for any disease or damage.  If all is well, Repot your fern in a container 1 size up.  Use nice, airy soil and make sure to pack the soil in around the edges.  Water thoroughly and your leaves should pop back up. 

Problem: My Bird’s Nest Fern leaves are turning yellow.

Leaf loss is natural, so to see a leaf wither away and die every now and then is nothing to worry about.  If you have more than one leaf turning yellow, rubbery and translucent then you probably overwatered.  Pull back your watering, consider changing out your soil to something that is light and airy.  Let your plant rest and dry out a bit before you begin watering again.  Water when the top inch or so of soil is dry.

Problem: Why don’t I have any new growth?

Solution:  You might have a rotten nest.  It is very important that when you water you keep the middle of the Bird’s Nest Fern dry and free from debris.  It needs to stay clean in order for the new leaves to unfurl.  If you look in the center and it is black or rotten, it might be too late.  If you see some green leaves pocking through, gently clean it off with a light brush and give it some time in front of a nice warm window.  Nest rot is probably the hardest to come back from, but be patient.  These plants are resilient.

Thank you to @joanne_ng14 for allowing me to use her photo.

Problem: Brown spots on Bird’s Nest Fern leaves.

Solution: You might be giving your fern too much direct sunlight.  Morning sun is great but make sure and shade your Bird’s Nest Fern from direct afternoon light.  Any harsh sun can burn or scorch the leaves.

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