There comes a time when you might have to rescue your own plants. Have you ever had a plant were might you just weren’t vibing. For whatever the reason, this was my experience with my spider plant. Even plants deemed low maintenance, might be a little needy.

I had this type of relationship with my spider Plant until I noticed my neglect had gone too far. Although spider plants can take low light, it will change the color of their leaves and make it lean in funny ways. It will keep it from putting out off shoots and lessen the health of the ones already growing. Spider plants can go without regular waterings, but if you don’t water about once a week, the tips of the leaves will start to turn brown and droop.

My poor spider plant was bleached out and leaning to one side with brown tips and droopy plantlets. However, I knew there was a simple fix. Moving my plant to nice window and watering it weekly will bring this hardy plant right back.

These plants are perfect for beginners. They can really take a beating, but with a little care, will love you anyway.

Spider Plant Care:

  • Bright indirect light
  • Water frequently. Keep soil evenly moist but not too wet. You can let the top couple inches dry out before watering if you want to.
  • Fertilize in spring


Another fun aspect of Chlorphytum comosum is how easily it can be propagated. The spider plant will put out offshoots and from there little plantlets will sprout. Gently pull the plantlets off and propagate by putting root nodes in water or you can just place it on top of soil. You can also propagate the spider plant by dividing the mother plant.

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