As fall nears, the temps are cooling and our annuals are about at the end of their life cycle. Why not continue to enjoy their lovely foliage a little bit longer with annual cuttings. Cutting a coleus, potato vine or even those sweet impatiens can create a great centerpiece for your table.

Some spring/summer annuals propagate easier than others, so do a little research on what you are growing and find out what would make a great arrangement. I recommend starting your annual cuttings in a vase or cup of water. As the roots grow you can either leave them be and celebrate them in a water vase or transfer the cuttings to soil.

If you go the soil route, you can easily overwinter your arrangement until spring or keep it as a temp look to be discarded down the road. Either way, this simple plant DIY can take many different shapes and colors.

Consider planning a harvest party and letting your friends cut and create their own arrangements with your bountiful stock. What a great excuse to get together and celebrate the end of another summer season. Another tip to increase your horde is to ask your other planty friends if you could snip some from their pots or maybe trade for some unique variety and color.

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