Fall planting is upon us and winter is coming which means that all my beautiful pots will be turning over and dyeing off.  Why does this have to be the end?  Nothing makes me happier than sharing my plants with my friends, even if it is for a short while.  As soon as the sun started hanging low and the school bells rang, I started hoarding Coleus, Mezoo and propagating my overgrown indoor plants to created a fun harvest party for my best gal pals.  They brought the pots and dirt and I supplied the plants and wine.  We filled outdoor arrangement with bronze, green and red colored coleus, propagated Joseph’s Coat as well as some Waffle plants that I had been nursing over the summer.

Coleus won’t last long.  As the temp drops so will these sensitive plants, but at least my friends can enjoy them for a few more months.  If you have Coleus in your planters, end of summer you will have huge plants.  Snip a few inches off the top and set it in water and you will have roots within days.  As for the Mezoo Red Trailing, this succulent can be grown indoors.  Just cut, maybe add a little root hormone and plant.  Super easy.  Plant outside in the spring for beautiful red blooms and fantastic growth over the side of your pots.  When it gets cold bring it in and add as an accent to your succulent arrangements as a “spiller”.