Recently my Philodendron micans has grown out quite lovely, but it has left an unattractive bald spot in my pot. I love hanging plants, but I am after a fuller look. This simple trick will help you fill in those unsightly spots and make for a fuller-looking plant.

You can buy premade pins, but really all you need is a wire hanger and something to cut it with. Use your hanger and make some little pins that will secure your plant to the dirt in hopes that it will attach and fill in.

After you have your little wire pins, gently wrap your vines around your pot and secure the vines to the bare spots in your pot.

Hopefully, the micans will put out some aerial roots and grab onto the soil and continue to grow and fill in. I can cut some of the “loops” later on and create a more “hanging look”. For now, I think that this arrangement looks much better and I can’t wait to see how it grows and changes. Now if I could just get the leaves to grow a little larger.

Philodendron micans Care:

  • Light: Bright indirect light that is somewhat filtered. Direct light can burn the leaves.
  • Water: Water you Philodendron when the top two inches are dry. I let mine dry out completely and then water thoroughly so you see it coming out the bottom.
  • Soil: Fast draining, quick-drying soil is best. You don’t want the roots sitting in water.
  • Fertilizer: Feed a light fertilizer during the growing season

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