This Bird’s Nest Fern rescue was probably my most difficult rescue yet. When I am on the hunt for a good rescue, I like to find plants that I know my friends would love. When I spotted this very sad Bird’s Nest Fern, I just had to try and save it.

Bird’s Nest Fern Care:

Soil: The Asplenium nidus likes loose well draining soil that is evenly moist. The soil on this neglected fern was as had as a rock. It slide right out of the plastic pot and would not budge from around the dry brittle roots. Since I couldn’t get rid of the soil, I just soaked it as best I could. The plant needed to be watered every other day or it would start to droop again.

Eventually, the soil started to hold a little more moisture and I was able to break some of the dirt away and repot the plant with some new soil in a pot just one size up.

Water: These ferns like humidity and an evenly moist soil I have found that ferns can tolerate drying out between waters. I know this because I forget to water and they always seem fine. However, for a healthy plant keep them hydrated.

Light: Ferns like bright indirect light. In the case of the Bird’s Nest Fern, keep them away from prolonged direct sun or you risk burning their leaves. I started by housing this plant in my little outdoor greenhouse and the light was too intense and began to crisp the leaves. After moving her to a more shady spot, she has been fin ever since.

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