Sago Palm care is pretty simple and straight forward. This plant is big and green with an interesting trunk and adds a feeling of warmth not captured by every plant. In this plant rescue, I found a Sago Palm, formally known as “Cycas revoluta” and wanted to give it a try.

I have never had a palm before so I was really interested on the growth and how it would heal. These plants are large and bold and since I don’t have a ton a room on my sill, I decided to keep it outside. Besides, these plants love hot air. The best way to get it on the mend is put it in some bright light with warm temps.

Sago Palm New Frond Growth

Sago Palm Care Tips:

Soil: Pick up a Palm mix such as this one here. If you find yourself with a palm and don’t have a pre-mixed soil, use a cactus mix or succulent mix. Maybe add in some bark or orchid bark to make the soil loose and airy, Big picture is that you want your palm to to be in a soil that drains really well and drys out quickly.

Water: Give your palm a drink when the soil is dry. Water more frequently during the growing season, spring to summer.

Fertilize: Palms can be sensitive to fertilizer, but if you must, fertilize with an organic fertilize during spring and into the summer. Super simple:

Light: Bright light is best. It is after all a palm tree! If putting your plant in the outside, give it bright light, but shade from hot afternoon sun. Consider placing in a spot with morning light and shade in afternoon. Indoor, place in a bright window. These plants can also tolerate a lower light.

Sago Palm New Frond Unfurl

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