That’s right, I bought a Venus Fly Trap kit. The same one you see sitting dusty on the shelves at your local, big box, hardware store. I am always on the hunt for plant projects that I can do with my kids and this little kit seemed like a good one. It comes with everything you need to set up your plants except for distilled water. These delicate plants might be meat eaters, but are super sensitive to hard water.

Carnivorous Plant Kit
Carnivorous Plant Kit

Step 1:

The kit boasts two types of dormant carnivorous plants, a venus fly trap and a pitcher plant. Upon opening the kit you find a bag of sphagnum moss, a little bag of dirt containing the plants, a little plastic planter and an instruction sheet. The first step is to locate your plants. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we think we found them.

Step 2:

I am guessing at which is which because it is really hard to tell. They are dried up and brown and I don’t really know which side is up. At this point I want my $9.99 back, but we press on to the next step which is soaking your sphagnum moss in distilled water.

Step 3:

While your moss is soaking, take the little bag of dirt and fill your plastic planter to the brim. Place your dormant plants gently on top. If you can tell which way is up, then you are in luck. I had to take an educated guess on the pitcher plant, so here is to hoping.

Step 4:

Finally, lay your sphagnum moss on top of your plants. I took the left over water and poured in top making sure the surface was nice and wet. Then place the planter back in the clear plastic box it came in. The box makes a perfect greenhouse for these humidity loving plants. Find a warm sunny spot for your mini greenhouse and cross your fingers that these little plants will come back to life.

It is important to keep the moss moist and keep the humidity up in the greenhouse. Whenever I notice the moisture on the clear box is low, I remove the planter from the box and saturate it with distilled water. That’s all the maintenance for now, but I imagine as it grows traps, we will need to find some winged friends for snacks. Fungus gnats beware, there’s a new cop in town!!

Venus Fly Trap Update:

We have something green. I’m going to be real, I didn’t have much hope these would take off, but 13 days later there was a little green sprout inside the box and it keeps on growing. Sad to say, the pitcher plant has yet to come back. I really didn’t think it would. I have taken it out of the sphagnum and inspected it and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. All the same, I am super excited about this Venus Fly Trap!

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