Finally, time for another plant rescue. I think the pandemic has turned a lot of people into plant lovers and so there aren’t as many neglected plants to rescue. Good for the plants, but finding good deals on the greens is harder these days. I finally found a cute and sad Money Tree that needed a little TLC and I have to tell you, these plants are so cool.

I think I have given them a bad wrap because they are so prevalent. You can find them everywhere. So I tend to over look them, but this one is a little different. It has a wide thick trunk, with large, fanning leaves.

Money Tree Care Tips:

Care for the money tree is pretty simple. They like bright indirect light, fast draining soil like a succulent mix. They do like a more evenly moist soil, but I have found that it can dry out a little bit. You can use a light fertilizer in the spring and summer months.

The Money Tree is perfect for beginners and since they come in so many configurations you can find one to fit any interior or any personality.

Money Tree Rescue:

When I first checkout of my new plant the root situation was not great and it looked as though it had taken a fall. It was basically just sitting in the pot under some fake moss.

After pulling i out and setting it up in some succulent mix, I realized that the pot I had chosen was not going to work. I really hate putting it in a larger pot since it is under stress, but I think long term, potting it up will help it come back and maybe promote some new root growth. It already had some little green buds growing around the trunk, which I assumed would turn into leaves.

What I didn’t plan on was how FAST they would sprout out. Watching the baby leaves come alive was really cool and it only took a couple of weeks.

Money Tree Plant New Growth

You can check out all of my plant rescues on YouTube or right here on SuburbanSill.