I really enjoy Ferns. Ferns have so many varieties and different leaf formations. In this plant rescue, I found this plant that I knew was a fern. However, on first glance I didn’t know what kind of fern it was. The one thing I knew for sure, is that this fern was in a need of help. Later, after some interesting research I came to know this species as Asplenium dimorphum.

Norfolk Island Spleenwort rescue
May 26th

First step in this rescue was to clear out all the dead leaves and foliage. Trim up all the dry crunchy parts that were making this plant droop and sag. I didn’t want to shock the plant too much so I only removed a few leaves here and there. It did get to the point were there were only a few big leaves left, but I also noticed new growth which gave me hope.

Asplenium dimorphum plant rescue: new leaf unfurl
July 19th

The leaves of the Asplenium dimorphum unravel just as other fern species, however when they unfurl they resemble little bird claws…sort of.

I worked with this fern all summer long. From May 26th to August 19th I nurtured it back to health.

Norfolk Island spleenwort
August 8th

A little about the origins of this fern. The Asplenium dimorphum is endemic to Norfolk Island, a little island off the coast of Australia. As with other small, isolated islands, Norfolk Island is home to a lot of unique animal and plant species not found anywhere else.

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