I set out to search online for one plant and ended up with three. This Etsy plant haul was super fun. I am extremely pleased with the plants in this unboxing. They were much larger than I anticipated and arrived in great shape.

What sent me online shopping was a search for a Silver Dollar Vine plant. What I got was two fantastic vines and two more beautiful plants to add to my collection. Let’s take a quick look at what arrived.

Peperomia clusifolia ‘Ginny’

The first plant in my plant unboxing has succulent type leaves that feel a little rubbery to the touch. This plant likes bright indirect light and can dry out a bit in between waterings. Peperomia ‘Ginny’, also known as Rainbow Ginny, has unique colors and pink leaf margins.

Silver Dollar Vine

Silver Dollar Vine, also known as Xerosicyos danguyi is a succulent plant with stunning round leaves that resemble a silver dollar. It grows upright as a vine. I love the circular leaves on this plant and is why I wanted to add one to my collection. Treat this plant like a succulent. Its big round leaves will store water so you can let it dry out before watering again.

Hoya carnosa ‘Krimson Princess’

My new Hoya is a show stopper. With pink stems and yellow to grean variegation, the ‘Krimson Princess’ is a great trailing plant for any Hoya lover. Give this plant bright light and let it dry out a little in between watering. Pot it up in well draining soil and never let it get soggy or sit in water too long.

That is it for this Etsy plant haul! I hope you enjoyed checking out my new plants. I couldn’t believe how well these plants traveled and how big they were when I unwrapped them. For more on this unboxing including the link to where you can find these amazing plants, check out the SuburbanSill channel.

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