Online plant buying can be a risky endeavor, but sometimes it pays off. My most recent online experience was with an Amazon plant haul. On this plant shopping trip, I decided to cash in on a gifted $25 dollar Amazon gift card and see what Amazon has to offer in the plant department.

Since this was my first Amazon plant haul, I have to admit I was really surprised by the cost of plants. There were many common varieties that were extremely over priced and when you add shipping on top of your order, you can easily blow your budget. My goal for this online plant buying trip was to find three plants that I don’t already have, to stay as close to my $25 dollar budget as possible and to get free shipping. I hate to pay for shipping.

My shopping parameters made things a little more complicated. Free shipping is hard to find when you are buying from third party sellers. Staying on budget or close to it meant all plants had to be less than ten dollars.

Amazon Plant Review

In the end, I was super pleased with my plant purchase. All the items were as pictured or really close to as pictured. They all arrived nicely packaged and in great condition. There are a couple of negative things about buying plants on Amazon. One, each plant came in its own box which is not very eco-friendly. As mentioned above, the pricing was a little crazy and I wasn’t all that impressed with the selection. I didn’t find anything too rare or unique. Although I am really enjoying my new plants, I was really hoping for a unique hoya or alocasia to add to my collection.

Will I buy plants from Amazon again? Maybe. If there is something rare that I can’t find anywhere else, I might venture on to the Amazon marketplace. However, I prefer to give my business to local and online independent nurseries and will likely go there first.

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