This week I am sharing a project that took an overgrown Aloe and a beautiful Crassula Jade and gently moved them to their own homes. This arrangement had been growing in my home for about 3 years. It was a “gift” from my Mother-In-Law who had taken a couple of centerpieces from a wedding. You have to admit, these were the most amazing centerpieces. You might remember the Kalanchoe Tomentosa propagation from last summer or the Aeonium Sunburst rescue from a few Thanksgivings ago. Those came from the same wedding. How lovely.

Anyway, I love this Crassula Jade and I want to put it in a pot of its own and grow it as a bonsai of sorts. The Aloe, well, it needs some help. It has put out a bunch of pups and is just too large. After attempting to put the Aloe in a pot as is, I decided to cut it down and let it start over with new roots. They both desperately need new soil in order to flourish so this project is well overdue.

Monster Aloe Update:

After about a month, the new pups seem to be rooted in. There is one little one that has not quite grabbed on yet, but I have hope that it still will. The large Aloe is finally pushing out roots and looks like it might make a recovery. The color is a beautiful blush as I have decided to leave it outside while it roots up.

Crassula Jade Update:

As for the Jade, it is starting to get nestled in its new pot. I noticed some new leaves which always makes me happy. I also noticed that one of the little stems had partially broken off and started rooting. Looks like I will get a bonus Jade plant out of the deal too.

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