If you are like me, you are just drawn to interesting foliage. I have been eyeing the Pilea mollis and its amazing leaves. In this video we are just going to talk about this unique Pilea sometimes called the “Moon Valley” Pilea or friendship plant. They call it, among many other plants, the friendship plant because it is so easy to propagate and share.

The first thing you will notice is the amazing roughness of the leaves, along with the dark coloration of the veins. That is what first drew me in. This Pilea is considered a low light plant, but like most plants, will love you more if you give it bright, indirect light.

Water your Pilea when the top of the soil is dry. I have noticed that it can take drying out in between waterings. You will notice it starts looking a little sad when it gets thirsty.

You can expect straight, upright growth like a little shrub. Propagate your Pilea mollis easily with cuttings. Place your cuttings in nice rich soil and cover with a clear plastic bag for added moisture. You will have a new little plant within a few weeks.

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