I just couldn’t help myself when I came upon this reptilian plant called Pilea “Dark Mystery”. A mystery for sure, this cultivar is thought to be also Pilea hitchcokii. The perfect name for a plant that is dark and spooky just like Alfred Hitchock.

While this plant was not in dire straits as some of my other rescues, it still needed some attention in order to restore its color and get it properly growing.

Pilea hitchcockii "Dark Mystery"

Pilea hitchcockii Care:

Light: Medium light is best. Consider placing your Pilea hitchockii behind some larger plants where it can get some shade or dappled sun. The leaves are somewhat sensitive and I noticed they easily crisp with dry conditions and too much direct sun.

Water: Maybe it is because the plant was neglected when I got it, but this Pilea is thirsty. I have watered once a week and every time I go to check its pot, it feels light on water. I may need to pot mine up to keep it from drying out so fast. One things for sure, if you miss a watering, it will let you know by flopping over with dramatic effect. Give it a watering and it will pull itself back together.

Soil: Some Pilea are considered to be semi succulent. I don’t know that this one fits in that category, but to err on the side of caution, use a well draining soil to keep the roots from sitting in water.

All in all, this little shrub-like Plea is a fun, dark plant perfect for Halloween. For another plant perfect for a scare, check out this Jade “Gollum”! Have a happy and safe Halloween.