It has been 6 months since I did my ZZ plant propagation experiment and it has been long and interesting. I have confirmed, at least to my self, that when propagating the ZZ plant, the stems and leaves shrivel up and die while producing a wild network of rhizomes and roots below the soil.

ZZ plant wilting

It happens fast. One day you have two lovely stems sitting in soil and the next day they turn yellow. You panic, repot, check the drainage, withhold water…all the things you do when you fear you have killed your plant. This time, I resisted they urge to just pitch the entire thing and start over, I decided to stick it out. What gave me hope was the fact that the stems, although rotten on top, where still firm and hard at the base. I had to wonder, what is going on.

After repotting I found that the roots and rhizomes that had grown over 6 months were perfect. Thick, white and growing in a circle that wrapped around the base of the pot. Everything looked good, so I put it back in the pot, replaced the soil and set it back on the table in front of the window.

I water my props when they are dry maybe once or twice a month and then just wait.

Today the waiting ends, not for the big pot, but for one of my lonely leaves. I have gone through all the same ups and downs with this leaf. Checked the rhizome often, repotted a couple times until finally I decided to just wait and see. Well, wait now more. After over a year in waiting (this leaf has been propagating much longer than the stems), a new sprout has shown itself and I am well on my way to a new baby ZZ plant.

ZZ Leaf Propagation

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