A couple of years ago I recieved two amazing and large succulent arrangements. One contained a tall, leggy Kalanchoe tomentosa “Panda Plant”. It was clear that it needed some light and a little love. After nurturing the panda plant for over a year, it was time to rid it of the mass of aerial roots and stretched stem.

Panda Plant Propagation:

Panda plant propagation is just as simple as cutting of the top of the plant. Allow the stem to dry overnight and then stick the stem in succulent mix. Once you start to see roots, start watering as you would any other succulent.

Similarly, you can propagate the panda plant by gently removing some leaves, letting them dry out over night and then placing them on top of succulent soil. No need to spray the leaves! I have found that the Kalanchoe tomentosa’s fuzzy leaves can be susceptible to rot if you get them too wet. When you start to see buds and roots, spray the roots and moisten the soil a little. One other tip is to wear gloves. For some reason, those little hairs make me itch.

Jade Plant Rescue:

Along with my pand plant, I have a lovely Crassula ovata “Jade”. Over the past few months I have noticed a decline in overall health, so in a panic I decided it needed a new home. After removal of the panda plant as well as a tall Aeonium “Sunburst”, I noticed some mealy bugs as well as some sort of fungal situation on the leaves.

The jade, which is typically a dark green color, is now appearing a little yellow and somewhat translucent. To me, this says that there might be a drainage issue and probably an overwatering situation. Hopefully, the addition of new soil and removal of the other succulents will help give the jade more space and the new soil; to absorb more water away from roots. While the jade is improving, a full recovery is yet to be seen.

Aeonium decorum “Sunburst”

Now the Aeonium “Sunburst” is another story. I have propagated Aeonium before without a problem, but this sunburst is being a little stubborn. After beheading the succulent and drying it out, I placed it in soil. It has been about two months and still there are no roots. There is also some signs of stem rot. I have decided to hold back water and see if it can recover and produce roots. Typically these propagate easily, but I am wondering if the overall mediocre health of this sunburst will prevent a decent propagation.