I just love air plants.  They are super simple to care for, they don’t require dirt and they look very sleek and modern.  They make the perfect centerpiece for your table, counter or bookshelf.  Recently I wanted to update my table centerpiece and decided to do something with air plants. 

You can find air plants at any greenhouse, but if you are looking for something special then maybe consider ordering online.  You can find a really neat variety and air plants travel really well.  I ordered a mystery box online and was super pleased with what arrived.

There are so many varieties of air plants it is hard to find the names for all of them, but a little google search never hurts.

For our Air Plant Terrarium you will want/need:

Vessel: An air plant terrarium will need to remain open.  Air plants will grab moisture from the air, but too much of a good thing will kill your air plant so make sure that your vessel does not have a lid.

Base:  Sand, rocks, or just leave it glass.  Make sure whatever you choose, you don’t pick something that will hold a ton of moisture.

Decoration: Rocks, shells, sticks, bark, super moss.  Get creative!  Think about things that might hold your air plants and offer your terrarium some depth and levels.

Setting up your Tillandsia Terrarium:

Now we are getting to the fun part.  Arrange your air plants in their new home however you see fit.  Add your decoration and create a beautiful terrarium-scape

Tillandsia Care Tips:

Air plant care is simple, but remember that they still need sun and they still need water.  Place your terrarium in a sunny spot our of direct light.  Soak your air plants in room temp water for about 5 minutes each week.  Shake of all excess water and make sure that your plants are complete dry BEFORE putting them back in the terrarium.  You don’t want left over water droplets sitting on your air plants.  If you are into terrariums here are a couple of other posts that might spark your imagination.

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