Harvesting seed pods is so much fun. Whether your are picking up pods from your own garden or finding a few on a nature walk, seed pods will offer up an abundance of seeds for the following growing season.

You will know a seed pod is ready when it starts to look a little brown and feel dry. I also think that ripe pods will feel a little light in weight and not as hard when you give it a little pinch. You will want to snip your pods before they open and all the seeds fly out. If you are worried you might miss it, consider gently wrapping a rubber band or string around the pod to prevent the seeds from floating away.

In this post we are looking strictly at harvesting seed pods from Butterfly Weed. After Butterfly flowers later in summer, it will start putting out seed pods. The pods are small but bountiful. Wait until you see the signs that the pod is ready and, wearing garden gloves, give it a snip.

Harvesting Seed Pods: Butterfly Weed

Open you pods indoors because the slightest wind will send your seeds soaring through the air. Keep you fingers tight on the little cotton fibers attached to the seeds. You won’t want these floating around your house either. Gently scrape your seeds into a container and store in a dark dry place.

Growing Butterfly Weed From Seed:

Personally, I sow my Butterfly Weed in the fall, but if you would rather start them inside you will want to store your seeds in a damp paper towel in your refrigerator. These seeds need a cold period in order to germinate in the spring. Start your seeds indoors about 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost. Only transfer outside when temps have officially warmed and the Butterfly Weed has put out a set of true leaves and develops nice healthy tap root.

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