The past couple of summers my Aloe ‘Coral Fire’ has put out a flower. Typically I would just cut the flower and move on, but this summer I decided to place my Aloe outside and see if I could get some Aloe seeds. Sure enough, mother nature does her job.

Collecting Aloe Seeds:

Place your Aloe outside when you notice it begins to put out a flower. The flower stem will grow long and tall and eventually put out some pink pretty flowers. Once those little flowers have been pollinated, over time they will dry out and die off. Some will remain and become seed pods. Keep an eye on your pods and when they start to look like they are about to split open remove them from the stems. Gently open your pods and the tiny seeds will spill out. It is that simple.

Aloe Care Tips:

Aloe is a simple succulent that doesn’t require a lot of attention. Talk about low-maintenace!

  • Light: Bright Indirect light
  • Water: Water sparingly like you would a succulent. I probably water my mature aloes once a month in the winter and then maybe a little more in the summer, but not much.
  • Soil: Succulent soil, soil that dries and drains quickly.
  • Fertilizer: I don’t typically fertilize other than a light succulent fertilizer in the summer months.