Last week I took a little field trip to Jord Producers, a mealworm farm located in central Nebraska. Being that I am a newbie when it comes to mealworms and their frass, I was super excited to learn and see what the ladies of Jord were cooking.

Housed in a red barn were towers of trays filled with beetles, their eggs and eventually their worms. Each tray was organized and stacked just right in order to filter down the lovely, nutrient rich mealworm frass. Frass, is the fancy or scientific word for worm poo. This organic gold is the perfect, natural fertilizer for your plants. Not only does it feed your plants, but will also boost their natural defense against pests and other pathogens.

Mealworm Feed for Your Pets:

Jord’s mealworm farm not only sells this powerful frass, but it also provides live mealworms for exotic pet lovers and wild bird enthusiasts. Mealworms, in varying sizes, make great snacks for small reptiles, tarantulas as well as larger exotics like ferrets and hedgehogs. The adult beetles, along with their feed, make a great treat for backyard chicken farmers. The chickens love the live bugs that get them scratching and pecking just as mother nature intended.

Jord Producers prides themselves on being a truly sustainable business. They use every worm and beetle and every grain of frass with very little to no waste. Jord also uses unwanted and bruised vegetables from their local grocer as a food and moisture source for their worms and beetles.

If you are interested in more information about Jord Producers and want to check out their frass, mealworms and feed, check out

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