This Thanksgiving was like any other Thanksgiving, however, after stuffing our faces and spending countless hours digesting I was commissioned for a little plant advice.  Near the window sat a sad aeonium sunburst surrounded by a kalanchoe tomentosa and what a rather leggy jade plant.  It is not for neglect, but  what appears to be a water management issue.  I think I can bring this aeonium back from the brink.  The challenge, a 30 day turn around.  From today, Thanksgiving, until Christmas, I will nurture this winter grower and see if we can’t get her looking bright and beautiful again.  Check back for my Christmas update!

Aeonium Sunburst

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December 6, two weeks after rescue: Time for a fun update just two weeks from the beginning of this plant rescue.  There has been a noticeable perk in the leaves as well as the little pup that was looking pretty sad.  I also noticed another new little pup growing on the stem.  I can’t say if it was there before or not, but however you shake it, I say this is a win.

December 21, one month after rescue: More beautiful new growth in the center with a nice tight rosette. A slight pink tinge around the leaves edges shows we are on the mend! What a forgiving aeonium!!