The Adromischus cristasus, commonly known as “Key Lime Pie” or Crinkle Leaf Plant” is one of my favorite, easy going, succulents. It grows leaves that look like puffy pillows of green topped off with scalloped tips like a pie crust. A beautiful deep green, this succulent grows straight up with new growth popping out from the top like a hand reaching up to say hello.

Key Lime Care:

Take care of your Key Lime Pie succulent just as you would any other succulent. Put your succulent in a south facing window or where it will receive bright light. This plant hails from the sunny country of South Africa, so make sure and keep her warm and protected from frost.

Inside those fluffy leaves is stored water. Like all succulents the Adromischus cristasus do not take kindly to over-watering. I never water mine more than every ten days. Use a water meter to make sure that the soil is completely dry before watering again and always err on the side of under-watering, especially in the winter. One way to tell it is time to water is when the leaves start to look a little deflated and wrinkled.

Key Lie Pie succulents will develop orange aerial roots along the stem, but these won’t harm your plant. If you see some roots, no worries. I actually like the pop of orange against the deep green of the leaves.

Key Lime Propagation:

You can easily propagate these plants by leaf cutting. Gently pull a leaf from the base of your plant. Let is scab over for a day or so and then place it on some cactus mix. Spray the castus mix every once in awhile and in a few days or a week you should start to see some roots.

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