I believe there has been a myth circulating that succies are easy care and don’t require a lot of attention.  When in fact, they require a lot of attention.  Well drained soil, proper watering and light are all necessary for success.  Always err on the side of neglect as underwatering is easier to solve than overwatering.

Recently, I picked up this Jade “Gollum”.  It is an interesting succulent that will be a great addition to my collection and a potential succulent arrangement I plan to work on in the future.  Unfortunately, when I saw this little guy, it was badly malnourished and neglected.  Just by looking, this jade’s wrinkled leaves tell me that it is in need of water.

Of course, I negotiated a fair price of one dollar, brought him home and began to nurture the succulent back to health.  Check back to see how “Gollum” progresses and if he can recover.

Jade Gollum

Update:  This wrinkly Jade has since been potted with some sweet echeveria  I purchased online and has since recovered and started sprouting beautiful new growth.  Ignore the white spots, we have very hard water and this little “Gollum” seems to be expelling some minerals.  I wouldn’t agree that succulents easy to care for, but this guy proves that they are very forgiving.

Jade Gollum

Jade “Gollum” Propagation:

You can propagate this succulent similarly to any succulent. Simple cut a piece of healthy stem with one or two leaves or use just a healthy leaf. Once you cut the stem or pull the leaf, let it callous over for a few days. When the end is healed and pale, place the stem of your cutting into a cactus mix. If using a leaf, just put the end of your leaf in a small depression in your potting medium.

You can use a clear plastic bag or clear plastic cup and create a makeshift green house. Spray your soil often and keep in a warm sunny spot. Check for roots after a week or two.