Spring is here and a few of my plants are in need of a refresh. One succulent is on my beheading list and that is my Crassula conjuncta. This is a simple plant that requires little attention. The root fairly easy, tell you they need water by wrinkling and grow beautiful rosettes with red margins.

Just like all succulents, once you trim the top, let the stem dry out for a few days and plunk it back down in you cactus mix. You will have new roots coming down from the plump leaves in no time.

Crassula Water Therapy

To root in water, set your cutting on top of a water filled cup wrapped with cellophane. Slit a how in the cellophane and rest your cutting on top. Make sure it is just the bottom of the leaf on the water. You don’t want it to rot. You might need to balance the cutting on a couple of sticks. Straws work too.

Crassula Conjuncta Water Therapy

Crassula Soil Propagation

After determining your desired length, just snip the steam. As you trim your Crassula, keep in mind it is likely more stems will be born from the cuts, making your plant even fuller. Also, consider that you might want a little stem left to help balance the Crassula in your soil, but the new roots will come from the bottom of the leaves. I might use a little pumice to anchor the cuttings in my pot.

After you snip off the heads to your desired length, set them aside for 24 to 48 hours to let the stems dry. If you put them directly into your soil, they might rot.

When the stems are dry, stick them back down in the soil and wait patiently for it to take root.

After the beheading and replanting

Tada! Your Crassula now has a brand new look. I love it!! If you are into Crassula or succulent beheadings, check out these two posts:

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