Kalanchoe Tomentosa

Sad Little Chocolate Soldier:

One of my favorite things to do is to pop into my local home improvement store and browse their succulent section.  One store I frequent, let’s call it “Mowes”, doesn’t take care of their succulents.  Many are deprived of light and over or underwatered.  They have a turn’em and burn’em philosophy so when the succulents go south so does the price.  I love finding a succulent for a quarter, but at this price they usually need some major TLC.  This little “Chocolate Soldier” had a stowaway, however Mother and baby were not doing well.

Chocolate Soldier

Kalanchoe Tormentosa (Panda Plant, Chocolate Soldier)


Sadly, this little guy was too far gone.  In a routine check up, I just gave it a little nudge and the head fell right off.  The inside was hollow and rotted.  You can’t save them all!! Check out my update on my rescued Jade Gollum.  This one has a happy ending.